100' 72JGX100U Oregon chainsaw chain Full Skip chisel 3/8 .050

100 foot roll of 72JGX full skip full chisel.connecting links and loop boxes included.FREE SHIPPING

1640 drive links in a 100 foot roll

- Patented Chain Steel OREGON OCS 01 steel is patented and provides greater durability, especially in cold cutting conditions.

- Blued Cutters provide superior corrosion resistance and improved strength.

- "X" grind Enhanced grind geometry significantly improves out of box sharpness with substantial speed improvement in boring and bias undercut modes.

- Offset ramp shaped depth gauges reduce roughness, helps prevent cutter from driving into the sidewall of the cut.

- Clean ground gullets, increase chip flow and evacuation. - LubriLink tie straps help keep oil where it's needed on the chain

. - Vibe Ban chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles.

- Witness Mark Top plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier.


100' 72JGX100U Oregon chainsaw chain Full Skip chisel 3/8 .050
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