24" Oregon 240SFHD025 bar chain Combo for Stihl MS 390 361 391

Here is 1 brand new Oregon AdvanceCut Proam  Bar & Chain combo. 1- AdvanceCut 24 inch bar (240SFHD025) with sprocket nose that fits Stihl saws.Specs  matched 3/8 pitch .050 gauge 84 drive link. Chain included is 72EXL084 Professional Full Chisel. Low cost version of 240RNDD025
 This bar fits the following model Stihls  026,028, 029, MS260, MS261,MS270,MS271,MS280,MS290,MS291,Note-Check chain and sprocket for info to confirm that you have 3/8 pitch like this bar Previous models will need sprocket changed from .325 pitch to 3/8 pitch. 030,031,032,034 036,MS310,MS311, MS341, MS 360, Ms361, ms362, ms 390, ms391, 038, 039, 041, 042, 044, 045, MS440, MS441, MS 460, MS 461,Ms 650, ms 660,MS 661, 046, 048, 056, 064, 066  with a 3/8 pitch sprocket. Your sprocket would have to be changed to 3/8 pitch- If your saw currently has a .325 sprocket or .404 pitch(check sprocket to be sure). NOTE- Stihl calls this size 25 inch, but both use a 84 drive link chain.



72EXL084 Full Chisel New

72EXJ084 Full skip Full chisel - New

72LGX084G Full Chisel

72LPX084G Full Chisel super 70

72JGX084G Full Skip Full Chisel

72APX084G full skip Semi-chisel

72DPX084G -Semi-chisel

M72DPX084 DuraCut semi-chisel for dirty wood - New

72RD084G- Ripping

72V084G -Low-kick full Chisel

72JPX084G - Skiptooth full chisel

72CL084G- Square ground full chisel

72CJ084G Square ground full chisel full skip

72CK084G Square ground half skip full chisel


24" Oregon 240SFHD025 bar chain Combo for Stihl MS 390 361 391
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  • Item #: 240SFHD025 +72EXL084
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