72RD058G Oregon Ripping chainsaw chain 3/8 58 DL .050 gauge

Here is 1 brand new RipCut 72RD058G or 72RD058 Ripping chain. Note for standard 3/8 with 72 stamped on drive link Not 91

This chain fits 15" Bars that use 3/8 (.375 pitch) .050 gauge or (1.3mm) and 58 drive links. Check bar for info stamped on it.

Any saw mill worker will tell you that ripping chain is different from all other saw chains. You need a special kind of chain like this for ripping cuts, the kind that transforms raw timber into boards and planks used in homes and cabins. Oregon RipCut is designed specifically for chain type mills,producing smooth cuts with extreme efficiency.

 RipCut's precise ripping cuts give you a smooth surface every time you cut parallel to the wood grain. RipCut isn't recommended for handheld use, but that suits experienced millwrights just fine.

Sharpens at 10 degrees with 7/32" file



72RD058G Oregon Ripping chainsaw chain 3/8 58 DL .050 gauge
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