90PX044G Oregon saw chain 44 DL 90-44 .043 gauge 1.1mm R44

Here is 1 brand new Oregon chain. 90PX044G or also called AdvanceCut 90PX044 (same chain but red box).

This chain is 3/8 low profile .043 gauge and 44 drive links. Fits 12 inch 1.3mm Stihl bars

Fits any Bar stamped 3/8 Low Profile .043 or (1.1mm) 44 DL

Drive links will have a (90) stamped on them. Same chain fit as R44 packaged chain

Sharpens with 4.5mm file

TIP- Always match drive link count of you current chain. Chains are measured by cutting length - not total length


 We sell a pitch N gauge tool also to check chain specs                                                                                                                             

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90PX044G Oregon saw chain
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